Elegant is suitable for all kinds of decor from traditional to contemporary, the fan stands out with the unique blend of aesthetics and also comes with I-Series technology

10 Year Guarantee AC-Motor

The robust build quality of our advanced motor inspires us to provide you a 10 year Guarantee

I-Series (Invertor Series)

 At Breeze we constantly strive towards greater efficiency and with that vision, we have designed the innovative i-Series fans. I-Series run on the next-gen DC motor.

A DC motor leverages the power of permanent magnets to generate torque in the rotor along with intelligent control of the electromagnetic field by using state-of-the-art power electronics. This makes the motor hyper efficient, thereby consuming 50% less power than its typical AC counterpart while providing high fidelity control on speed.


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  • Size : 48”, 56” , Volt: 220v , Power : 70/80 W, RPM: 330/370
  • Double Ball Bearing : Increases load bearing capacity and durability
  • Quick-start High Torque Motor : Provides instant comfort by achieving high performance quickly
  • Ribbed Blades : Improves Blades Stability and durability
  • Value for money
  • High lift angle blade for wide air spread
  • Superior high permeability grade electric steel lamination for improved life
  • Glossy powder coated paint for superior finish and longer life
  • Performs well at low voltage
  • Robust aluminium cast body

36", 48", 56"


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