Slide From the paint finish to the bearings in the motor, the exquisite craftmanship of a Breeze fan extends deep beneath its finish. Discerning consumers know that quality construction and meticulous attention to detail create a superior product, which ultimately yields superior performance and lasting durability. To see the process behind Breeze reputation for quality and reliability, join us on a "behind the scenes" tour of the various phases of development. Our Process Breeze Fans Slide Phase :1 [Raw Materials] There are no less than 70 different components from ball bearings to packing used in manufacturing of a fan; these items are carefully selected and tested for a specific purpose. Materials were chosen for quality, durability, and beauty. Use of virgin materials (not remelted scrap) creates detailed die-cast housings, blade holders, and other components of structural integrity and inherent beauty. Diamond 2K High Gloss Enamel stove paint and Lustrous Lacquer coating adds to the overall elegance of the product. Armature Winding Turning Section 2 Turning Section 2.1 Assembling Component 3.1 Assembling Component 3.2 Assembling Component 3.3 Slide Phase: 2 [Body Turning Section] There are 5 different steps in the turning and sizing of body. Fan Body Housing and Rotatory accuracy is required here is in microns. Therefore our machine shop is equipped with imported Automatic turner and capstan -Lathe Machines. Outer Side Bottom Outer Side Top Inner Side Bottom Inner Side Top Slide Phase: 3 [Stator Winding Section] Fan core is winded in this section using copper wire on modern automatic winding machine. Slide Phase: 4 [Assembly Motor Section] After coming through phase 2 and 3 main motor is assembled. Slide Phase: 5 [Assembly Blade Section] Fan Blades are assembled with shanks and angled in this section. Slide Phase: 6 [Paint Section] In this section Assembled fan body and blade are painted. White Slide Phase: 7 [Testing & Inspection] Before being packed for shipping, every component of Breeze fan is inspected carefully. Every detail is given meticulous attention under strict quality control standards and the final product is inspected to ensure proper form, fit, and function. White